July 12, 2023

10 Fascinating Facts About Mountain Gorillas

In this article, we embark on an extraordinary journey into the enigmatic lives of these majestic creatures, uncovering 10 fascinating facts that will leave you in awe. From their exceptional size to their intricate social structures, mountain gorillas are a species that both fascinates and captivates.
June 24, 2023

See Wildlife in Uganda in The Most Magical & Surprising Way

You can see incredible wildlife along the pristine waterways of Uganda's National Parks, meet the mountain gorillas, and experience rich cultural heritage on the most enriching safari trip to Africa. We were in Uganda and are so excited to tell you about our experience.
June 21, 2023

Africa’s Big Five on Safari in Uganda

Although Uganda may not have the concentration of wildlife like Kenya or Tanzania, it's a good destination to watch Africa's Big Five on safari. The fauna you will find on a Uganda safari is as varied and vast as the country's landscape. Here's the big 5 and where to see them in Uganda.
Africa’s Big Five on Safari in Uganda
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